Life Aboard Begins: Days 2-5

Greetings land folk,

First of all thank you for all your kind messages of support. Paddy reads them out once a day usually just before the nasty night shift begins and it really puts a ‘spring in our Pedal’.

After a slow couple of days grinding our knees the winds have started to pick up and so have our moods and speeds. Surfing down 15-20ft waves in the day time with the lads is all we hoped it would be. That combined with “you know what lads nobody has ever done this before” and “we really are doing this” gets us laughing and smiling and the days fly by.

image1 (1).png

We had our first sighting of some wildlife yesterday of what appeared to be a dolphin but turned out to be a Whaley biggy thing, porpoise or Hec thinks a minky whale. Hopefully you will see some blue planet footage from us sent through by resident tecky Paddy.

There have been a lot of questions about the night shifts and they are tough. Lack of sleep and steering down 20 ft waves in pitch black is scary at times so we tend to use the auto helm when we can. The lack of sleep has had its funny moments though. A few nights ago Paddy was brushing his teeth and instead of spitting out the toothpaste he had in his mouth he threw his toothbrush straight over board... the confusion on his face after was priceless. There have been many more such as mistaking the moon for a container ship but I’m sure you will hear about them as we progress.


What counts is when it has been needed we are on the ball. Last night when on auto helm the steering lines fell out of the boat and got caught round the prop. We couldn’t fix it as the seas were too big. The decision was made as it was 5 in the morning to cut the line that was caught and hold a course and then fix it when it was light.  At 7 I jumped in (fully harnessed up Mum) and managed to cut the prop free and we continued as normal.

The winds are due to pick up more over the next few days and we are excited to start heading over to Antigua on a more direct course.

I hope you are all well.


Max and the rest of the lads.