Trundling Along: Days 20-23

Good evening land folk,

Life on board the Reveller has been much the same as always. A lot of pedalling, a lot of  eating, and a small amount of sleeping. We are trundling along despite our issues and are hoping to make it to Antigua in a total of 38-42 days. A lot of the conversation on the boat is starting to revolve around arrival dates so we have each given our eta’s with the grand prize of our propellor to whoever is closest. Eta's as follows: Henry - 38 days 21 hours. Hec - 40 days 4 hours. Paddy- 39 days 9 hours. Max - 41 days. The battle is on.

It seems you are all curious to know what is going on in the poo bucket challenge... so I will give you a bit of an update. On the morning of the 24th of January I had just finished my 2 hour shift to a beautiful sunrise. Henry swapped in with me and I made my way to the front where the throne awaited. Everything was going to plan when suddenly there was a loud crack, Hec and Quin shuddered and waited for the verdict. All possibilities flew through my head but to my relief the deck was still white and paddy’s biodegradable sacks had held firm. It seemed the poo bucket challenge would be over as with no bucket things might get tricky. However we have managed to bodge it and will send a photo of our new arrangements. The Leaderboard is as follows, from the start I have been solid and been likened to that of this seasons Man City so still lead the way. Hec (2nd) came from nowhere and like a Leicester city of a few seasons ago has baffled us with his form. Henry (3rd) has shown promise but failed to deliver when it matters much like Jurgen Klopps Liverpool and last but not least Paddy, Paddy had a terrible start but has recently found some form similar to David Moyes West Ham.

In terms of other mishaps we have all managed to burn ourselves cooking with the jet boil but Paddy did a really good job and has got a nice blister on his leg (don’t worry Annie all is under control). I managed to cut my finger putting the chain back on and am very lucky to be alive, Hec has some very creaky knees but he is battling on regardless as we knew he would and Henry seems to be in great nick. The weight is still flying off and our general physique is starting to look quite odd with strong legs and very limp upper halves.

 Chef Hec whipping up some porridge for the team 

Chef Hec whipping up some porridge for the team 

We have caught a fish but not in the customary fashion. A flying fish decided to test its wings only to hit quin in the leg. First thoughts were sushi but then we decided it was a bit small so we released him back into the ocean. When this happened again henry was particularly hungry so ordered Hec to make the kill and within minutes the fish was gutted and in a Tupperware with some lemon juice. Luckily we didn’t try henrys flying fish delicacy as Emily informed us they were not great/poisonous to eat. Hopefully we will catch something edible with the more conventional method soon.

image1 (4).jpeg

The last few days the wind has dropped and it has been stiflingly hot. We have taken the opportunity to turn off the batteries and charge them up fully which means navigating off the compass which is actually really peaceful. To give you a picture of the day shifts, we are pedalling for 2 hours in 30 degree heat, every push of the pedal is like climbing a very steep hill on a bike so we pour with sweat. The speakers are broken so we have very little to distract ourselves with   (any game suggestions would be well received) so we just plod along dreaming of cold beers. Then yesterday afternoon in about the hottest period Hec saw a fin. We were greeted by a massive school of dolphins so didn’t hesitate and jumped straight in with them. It was a truly amazing experience and an example of how quickly our moods can be lifted.

image1 (3).png

We have received some amazing messages and they are always a boost so please keep them coming. Particular mention to all the siblings bar one. You know who you are.....



Revellers rugby world xv of our generation

1 The beast 2 Keith Wood 3 Castrogiovanni 4  Johnson 5 matfield 6 Richard Hill 7 Richie mccaw 8 dallaglio

9 Matt Dawson 10 Dan Carter 11
Bryan Habbana 12 De Villiers 13  O Driscoll 14 Joanna Lomu 15 Muliainha

image3 (3).jpeg